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“He had tried so hard to overcome, to be successful. Hopes, dreams, and possessions all seemed beyond his reach, caught in a downward spiral of defeat he was a victim of circumstance. People took from him. He lived in a world of wounds and hurts. No one seemed to really care. Disgraced, pushed aside with no place to belong, he had built walls around his heart. He was alone and very afraid. He longed to somehow escape it all and to be understood!!”


Is there really no hope? No one that really cares? Are there no answers that work? Is there no one to heal and no safe place to belong?


O yes! A thousand times yes!! There is One that offers hope and truly cares. There is One that has answers that work and has the power to heal. There is One that is a safe place. His name is JESUS!


Tragically this story is a reality for some of the residents in the jails and institutions in our communities.  The wounds and pains from childhood abuses open the door for all kinds of addictions and to set up strong holds in their lives. Tormented by their past, they live in a prison of their own making-prisons of fear, bitterness, rejection, unforgiveness, etc.


Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry presents Jesus as the Creator and Sustainer of life. Sin separates man from the Creator and the results are tragic. Jesus is the Way teaches that Jesus came to reconnect mankind to His creation by taking care of the sin (separation problem) on the cross. He died on the cross, was buried, and rose again victorious over sin, death, and Hell. He is coming back with great power and glory to receive His own to Himself for all of eternity. A final and eternal coming Home!!


This reconnecting becomes a reality through confession and repentance of sin and the Power of the Holy Spirit making a heart brand new. Victory replaces defeat, healing replaces hurt, forgiveness replaces bitterness, and joy and peace flood a once troubled soul. The heart is back home!


May we continue to support the programs of Jesus is the Way. The after care facility is very vital for men preparing to re-enter society.  The teaching programs and prayer times are eternal investments in the Kingdom of God!  I personally am very grateful to serve alongside Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry.


A Fellow Laborer,

Loyd Gingerich

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