MomCLC  Edith Mathes, Co-Founder

Edith has been a vital part of this ministry since it’s birth in 1977.  Edith and her late husband, Rev. Jesse E. Mathes, founded this ministry together as the Lord led their steps.  Over the years, Edith has seen many miracles take place at Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry and she is blessed to remain here witnessing that God is still in the “miracle working business” as this ministry moves forward daily for God’s glory.  Edith is an active board member here at Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry and she serves many purposes while assisting the office staff in their duties.  Edith is sometimes referred to as “Mama” or “Mom” by the Aftercare Center’s residents, and this always adds a smile to her face.  She enjoys helping people and desires to continue seeing the fruits of her (and Jesse’s) labor carry on in and through this ministry. A quote from Edith, “Jesse would be so proud (as am I) to see the changes that are taking place at Jesus is the Way and I can just picture him raising his big hands and shouting with his loud voice, “PRAISE THE LORD!” One day, it will be a pleasing sound to hear, “Well done though good and faithful servant” – Matthew 25:21-23, and this is the goal Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry is reaching for.


img4701033l281340816103  Vicki Schoonover, Executive Director

Vicki has been a part of Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry since November of 1998, when she became a volunteer.  For two years, she volunteered her time in our staff offices.  In 2000, Jesse Mathes, Jesus is the Way’s Founder, asked her to join the staff as an Administrative Assistant and she gladly accepted.  Vicki loves JESUS with all her heart, she accepted Him as her Savior at the age of 10.  She enjoys sharing the message of hope with others as she ministers at the Champaign County Correctional Center on a monthly basis and teaches a weekly Bible study to the men in our aftercare program.  Her favorite Scripture is Proverbs 3:5-6.  A quote from Vicki, “It is not about me, it’s about HIS will”.  Vicki handles the bookkeeping, mailing lists, ordering supplies, and the newsletters, as well as a wide variety of other day-to-day duties.  In April 2016, Vicki was asked by the board of directors to step into the role of Interim Executive Director and she accepted the responsibility.  Vicki knows the ministry’s day to day operations and we have great confidence in her ability to handle the decisions to be made.


100_2073 Scott A. Krile, Aftercare Director

Scott was born and raised in Pekin, IL. the oldest of three children. He was reared in a Christian home and attended the local Roman Catholic Church. Although Scott was very successful in academia and in his vocation as a Professional Registered Nurse, he took a wrong turn in adulthood and found himself incarcerated in the Illinois Department of Corrections for drug addiction-related crimes. Miraculously, on November 12, 2004 while in prison, Scott experienced his “Road to Damascus” conversion like Paul. Scott cried out to God for deliverance and forgiveness; God answered with salvation and filled Scott with His Holy Spirit! Genesis 50:20.
Scott paroled to Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry (JITWPM) on February 19, 2005. He successfully completed all phases of the program and graduated after 10 months of residence. While at JITWPM, Scott’s 3 year old son, Zane came to live with him for 7 months. Zane’s mother brought him to the Ministry to visit Scott on June 3, 2005. She did not return for Zane. Zane came to know and love Jesus as his Savior and Lord (Proverbs 22:6) thanks to JITWPM, Christian Life Church (CLC) and Jesse Mathes for allowing him to stay with his father, an unprecedented decision.
Since Scott’s time at JITWPM, he has been awarded custody of Zane; been restored relationships with his three older children (Malachi 4:6) as well as with his parents and other family members; married Brenda Mathes (Krile), (Jesse and Edith’s daughter) Administrative Assistant of JITWPM and has been employed at the Ministry since June 2013. In January 2016, Scott passed the National Certified Recovery Specialist (NCRS) exam in Chicago. He officially received this certification in February 2016 and was appointed as the Aftercare Director of JITWPM. Scott remains very active and involved in his personal recovery through the 12-Step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous attending the Serenity Shack in Rantoul and Celebrate Recovery attending at Windsor Road Church in Champaign – Philippians 2:12.


me.2014.2  Brenda Krile, Administrative Assistant

Brenda has been a part of Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry’s since September 2001.  She is the youngest daughter of founders, Jesse and Edith Mathes.  Brenda redidicated her life to Jesus Christ in January of 1999 and since then it has been her desire to follow in her parent’s footsteps of reaching out to those in need of a Savior.  A favorite song of Brenda’s is “Fingerprints of God” by Steven Curtis Chapman and a favorite scripture is 2 Corinthians 5:17. Brenda serves Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry in many different aspects.  Brenda’s main responsibility is to oversee communication between Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry’s volunteers with one another as well as with the ministry’s staff members.  Brenda assists the Executive Director and Aftercare Director with a variety of clerical duties.  Brenda also organizes the annual Miracle of Christmas program which is an outreach to the families of the people that are incarcerated; the Miracle of Christmas program is held the second weekend of December.  Brenda enjoys being able to help those that the ministry serves through the Aftercare Program as well as the jail and prison services. A quote from Brenda, “Like Jesus, we have been called to be about our Father’s business (Luke 2:49) and I want to make my Daddy proud.”



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1. Click on the link JITWPMVOLAPPLICATION — Print the Application, complete it and send it back to JITWPM’s office staff 2. For those wanting to minister in the jails and/or prisons, click on the link Do'sAndDon'ts — Print JITW’s Do’s and Dont’s (for prison ministry) read and retain for your records 3. For those wanting to minster at the aftercare center, click on the link Do'sAndDon'ts — Print JITW’s Do’s and Dont’s (for aftercare) read and retain for your records 3. Click on the link VOLUNTEER Pastoral Questionnaire – Print the Pastoral Questionnaire and have your Pastor answer the questions on your behalf and submit it back to JITW’s staff 4. Click on the link (FOR County Jail Candidates ONLY) VOLUNTEER CCJ APPLICATION – Print the Application, complete it and send it back to JITWPM’s office staff

Becoming an Aftercare Resident…

1. Click on the link to view &/or print a copy of our cover sheet Jesus is the Way Cover Sheet 2. Click on the link to view &/or print a copy of our pre-app letter Jesus is the Way Pre-App Letter 3. Click on the link to view &/or print a copy of our rules Jesus is the Way Rules 4. Click on the link to view &/or print a copy of our application Jesus is the Way Application